Alkaline / Lead Acid / Maintanence free Battery Charger 12V / 10Ampere

  • 12Volts 10Ampere DC OUTPUT,
  • Circuit Breaker for High Current Protection due to reverse battery connected, i.e. REVERSE PROTECTION
  • Analog DC Ammeter Display, Battery charged LED indication.
  • 2 Stage charging( 1st stage Fast mode + 2nd stage Trickle mode) 6 MONTHS WARRANTY
  • Manual charging current setting 1 to 10Ampere by POT

Technical Details

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Item Weight 4 Kg
Product Dimensions 17 x 17 x 21 cm
Item model number BC-A6
Special features Current Setting Manual low-high, All Automobile Battery supported type 12V, Ammeter Display meter, Circuit Breaker, Crocodile Connectors
Weight 4 Kilograms
Colour Red

This is a 2 stage charger in 1st stage boost charging and in 2nd stage floating charge. Due to this 2 stage charging system battery's correct voltage is maintained up to 14.5Volt and specific gravity of the battery is maintained up to 1250. Also it is a Heavy Duty Battery Charger Capable of Charging almost all Automobile Batteries, Truck Battery, Online UPS and Inverter Battery type 12V rated between 14Ah to 150Ah also Current setting switch is available which can be used for charging different rated battery. The supported battery are Alkaline and Lead acid dry. This Charger Supports all Brand batteries from Exide, Amron, Bosch, Exide Invva,etc . It is a Heavy Duty Charger from the Brand Magic Power all our chargers are of best quality and tested. The MAGIC POWER 12V 10A battery CHARGER is a high quality charger designed to provide excellent performance, durability and long life. This charger meets or exceeds the original manufacturers specifications. Our chargers are new and always fresh stock. Buy with Confidence. Compatible Battery includes: 12V 5Ah, 12V 7Ah, 12V 9Ah, 12V 14Ah, 12V 22Ah, 12V 32Ah, 12V 35Ah, 12V 40Ah, 12V 55Ah, 12V 60Ah, 12V 88Ah, 12V 100Ah, 12V 120Ah, 12V 130Ah, 12V 150Ah.